Auto Accidents and Defective Products

Nov 12, 2013 @ 12:33 PM — by Edward Deason

Auto Accidents and Defective ProductsMotor vehicles of all kinds are part of our everyday lives. Because of this, we have a certain expectation that these vehicles will function properly and be able to convey us to wherever we are headed without major problems. Sadly, there are many different kinds of malfunctions that can occur on the road, and possibly the vehicle itself may be fundamentally flawed in a dangerous manner. This is why our team of personal injury attorneys is so crucial to ensuring safety on the road.

We'd like to take a moment right now to now to consider cases of automotive product liability and why they are so important to consider.

About Product Liability Cases

It's helpful to define some basic terms related to these sorts of cases. First of all, a product liability case refers to instances in which a product of some kind has harmed a consumer even when used as directed. This problem may be the result of poor design, poor assembly/manufacturing, or a problem in distribution and sales. Whatever the case may be, the company is held liable for the injuries that consumers sustain.

Why Product Liability Related to Automobiles Should Be Taken Seriously

Auto manufactures and the makers of auto parts have a responsibility to make vehicles and vehicle components that are safe for use and will not fail the consumer when they need to function properly.

Defective Vehicle Design and Auto Accidents

Some common automotive product liability lawsuits are related to the design of actual vehicles. In such cases, the automobiles are made in such a way that they can cause injuries or contribute to injuries. In the case of SUVs, for example, poor weight distribution has led to many rollover accidents. Similarly, some automobiles have had poorly guarded fuel tanks, which increases the chance of fires occurring after a collision. Our auto accident attorneys take these instances of design neglect very seriously.

Defective Auto Parts and Motor Vehicle Accidents

It may not the be the vehicle itself that's the cause of the problem. Parts on the vehicle may be the source of an accident. If brake pads fail, for example, it can impair the stopping power of a vehicle, leading to serious collisions. Similarly, poorly made tires may shred, causing drivers to lose control of their vehicle and injure others on the road or pedestrians on the side of the road. As with vehicle defects, these matters related to parts need to be taken very seriously.

Holding Companies Responsible

By hold auto manufacturers and auto parts makers responsible for negligence, we help ensure the safety of consumers as well as better practices in the automotive industry. This is part of a process by which companies are kept in check so that they are in service to their consumers rather than just the company's own bottom line.

Seeking Compensatory Damages and Punitive Damages

During legal proceedings in an automotive product liability case, we will seek compensatory and punitive damages. Compensatory damages will cover the cost of medical treatment and actual losses incurred while punitive damages will punish the liable party for their irresponsible actions.

Learn More About Auto Accident and Product Liability Litigation

For more information about auto accidents and product liability litigation and what can be done to address you legal needs, be sure to contact our personal injury lawyers serving Los Angeles today. The entire team here looks forward to meeting you in person, discussing your legal claim, and helping you achieve the best possible legal outcomes.

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