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Truck Accident Lawsuits Torrance

An accident involving a large semi-truck can have devastating consequences. A fully loaded large semi-truck can weigh over 80,000 pounds, while the average automobile weighs only about 3,000 pounds. A traffic accident involving a car and a large commercial truck can cause serious, even fatal injuries. Tragically, in the United States, someone is injured or killed in a commercial truck accident every 16 minutes.

Truck accident attorney Edward Deason understands the overwhelming hardships these accidents can create for victims and their families. That is why he is committed to providing Los Angeles, Long Beach, and Orange County-area residents with the legal guidance they need. Contact truck accident lawyer Edward Deason today for a review of your case.

Common Causes for Truck Accidents

There are many possible reasons a truck accident can occur. Perhaps the driver was rushing to meet a deadline or was inexperienced. It could be the driver was tired due to driving for too long a time. The truck could have been overloaded or suffered a mechanical failure. The weather plays a part in many truck accidents, as well. In addition, large trucks have many blind spots, and truckers often cannot see a small car next to them.

Truck Accident Lawsuits

If you or a member of your family has been injured in a truck accident, it's important that you contact an attorney as soon as possible. The attorney can act immediately to preserve crucial evidence such as the driver's log book, police reports, witness statements, previous violations of regulations by the trucking company, maintenance records, and the truck's "black box."

The black box records data before, during, and after an accident and could be useful in determining many factors surrounding the collision.

Truck accident cases can be more complex than automobile accidents. It can be confusing to figure out who exactly was at fault in a truck accident. A company may have leased the truck, or the driver may have been an independent contractor. An experienced truck accident attorney is able to identify liability in even the most complicated cases and take swift legal action against the responsible party or parties.

Truck Accident Attorney for Los Angeles, Orange County, and Long Beach

At the Law Offices of Edward Deason , we have extensive experience in handling truck accident claims and can assist you in determining whether you have a viable case. Hiring a truck accident lawyer has helped many of our Los Angeles, Long Beach, and Orange County-area clients increase their chances of obtaining a favorable settlement or verdict. Contact truck accident attorney Edward Deason today to schedule a review of your case.