Settlements & Verdicts

While there is more to hiring a lawyer than how much money a prior case resolved for, the track record of your lawyer is important. Defense attorneys and insurance companies know which lawyers actually go to trial and how successful they have been in past cases. The past successes of a lawyer enhance the prospects of future success. While past settlements do not guarantee a favorable result in your case, it is a good idea to have an attorney who has a history of winning. Over the last 15 years, Edward J. Deason has obtained judgements and settlements on behalf of clients in excess of $60 million.

$16.3 million verdict plus $1.6 million for plaintiff's wife. A security guard fell on a college campus sustaining profound spinal injuries. (Picazzo v. C.W. Driver)

$11.4 million settlement plus over $2 million in worker’s compensation benefits paid. An electric forklift overturned and the battery crushed the operator, rendering him a quadriplegic. The case concerned the forklift manufacturer and several others. (Confidential)

$6.9 million settlement. A high school student was assaulted by a fellow student and suffered profound brain injuries. The case was litigated with the assistance of another law firm. (Reyes v. Rim of the World High School)

$5.05 million settlement. A pedestrian was struck and killed by a vehicle, leaving a wife and two children. (Confidential)

$5 million default judgment. A young woman was drugged and molested by her psychologist. Collection efforts continue. (Confidential)

$2 million settlement. The design of a forklift operator’s compartment lacked protection of the operator’s legs in the event of a tip-over accident. The plaintiff’s expert redesigned the forklift in a way that better protected the forklift operator. (Confidential)

$2 million settlement. A repairman fell through at hatch sustaining severe injuries. (Confidential) 

$2 million settlement exceeded including future payments. A farm worker sustained injuries and his wife was killed in a motor vehicle collision. (Campos v. Hightower)

$1.95 million settlement. A machine operator had his hands crushed and burned when the employer removed the safety guard from a power press. (Confidential) 

$1.92 million verdict. A guest at the Playboy Mansion was struck in the head by an unsupported ornamental column sustaining a disputed brain injury. The defendant offered $100,000 prior to trial. (Edelmann v. Playboy)

$1.5 million settlement. A forklift operator was crushed when he became pinned by the mast of a forklift. The case concerned the design of the forklift controls. (Confidential)

$1.4 million settlement. A pedestrian was struck in a crosswalk and suffered a broken leg as well as head and back injuries. (Confidential) 

$1.3 million settlement. An apartment renter received serious scalding burns taking a shower. The temperature of the water was 160 degrees Fahrenheit. (Friedman v. Blackrock)

$1.27 million arbitration award. A surgeon operated on the wrong side of the back. (Vaknin v. Kaiser Permanente)

$1.25 million settlement. A paraplegic being transported in a medical van sustained multiple leg fractures. (Waddell v. Goodfaith Medical Transportation, Inc.)

$1.2 million settlement. A construction worker fell resulting in spinal injuries. (Hurt v. Alms)

$1.14 million settlement. A family patriarch was killed by a delivery truck. The case was litigated with the assistance of another firm. The defendants had only $750,000 in insurance. (Palacios v. Cousins Carpet) 

$1.1 million verdict. A truck driver was struck by a forklift causing head, shoulder, and low back injuries. (Albarran v. Carlton Forge Works)

$1.1 million arbitration award. A family’s home flooded and developed mold. The insurance company paid the family approximately $50,000 and closed its file even though substantial reconstruction was needed. (Prosniewski v. Golden Eagle Insurance Company)

$1 million settlement. A woman driving her motor-home struck the rear end of a truck which pulled onto the highway from the shoulder causing knee fractures and internal injuries. (Stubbits v. Matthews Trucking)

$1 million settlement including future payments. A union member’s fiancée was involved in an automobile accident that caused facial and back injuries.