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In the aftermath of a catastrophic automobile or other accident, it can be difficult to know where to turn for support and answers. If you or a member of your family has been seriously injured in such an accident through no fault of your own, you need counsel from an experienced personal injury attorney who has the skill, focus, and determination to provide you with the attention and guidance you deserve. Many large law firms spread their resources thin, taking on so many cases that they cannot possibly give their clients the individual attention they deserve in their time of need. However, at our law firm serving Long Beach, Los Angeles, and Orange County, personal injury lawyer Edward Deason and his experienced legal team pledge their full attention to every case they handle, committing every resource at their disposal to preserving and asserting the rights of their clients.

Small Firm, Big Results

At the Law Offices of Edward Deason , we take pride in the fact that we are a small firm that has a record of achieving outstanding results for our clients. Throughout the Los Angeles, Long Beach, and Orange County areas, personal injury attorney Edward Deason is known for his skill in handling serious auto accident , product liability , slip and fall , wrongful death , and other personal injury cases. As a lawyer, Edward Deason focuses his practice on victims who have suffered severe injuries, losses, and expenses due to the negligent actions of another party. Because he manages a relatively small caseload compared to larger firms, he is able to invest himself fully in every case he accepts. As a result, he has built a history of substantial verdicts and settlements that many larger firms could only hope to match.

Our Mission

As one of our clients, you can expect that we will work tirelessly to promote your best interests. Our mission is to see that justice is served each and every time we set foot in a courtroom and to put our full faith in the American civil justice system. We believe that juries and judges, when presented with a well-prepared case that is based on facts and reason, will arrive at a just and fair conclusion in which the rights of the wrongfully injured are upheld. And, above all else, we believe that we can best serve our clients by acting with the dignity, honesty, courage, and integrity that distinguishes the noblest members of the legal profession.

At the Law Offices of Edward Deason, we will treat you with the respect and compassion you deserve, informing you of all of your rights and legal options and helping you to arrive at a course of action that is best for you. We take the trust our clients place in us very seriously and vow to provide representation of only the highest standard as we pursue the full measure of compensation to which they are entitled. We've lived up to our mission for hundreds of clients in the past, and we would welcome the chance to do the same for you.

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If you have been seriously injured and are in need of a personal injury lawyer in the Los Angeles, Orange County, or Long Beach area, attorney Edward Deason would be pleased to evaluate your case. Contact the Law Offices of Edward Deason today to take that first step toward ensuring that your rights under the law are upheld.